IT Maintenance Solutions

Penta Consulting provide a range of IT Maintenance Solutions that will improve the quality of coverage, whilst also saving you up to 50% when compared to your current spend.

Save 50% across your IT maintenance contracts

Many organisations have long standing outsourced maintenance contracts in place with vendors and MSPs (managed services providers) in an attempt to keep network downtime low and internal IT team productivity high. Typically, these contracts are often not competitive in either the coverage they provide and also in the cost. So, how can you make sure you’re not paying over the odds for your current managed service cover and ensure that critical network hardware doesn’t get missed when itemising your maintenance schedule?

control your IT spend

  • Penta will identify criticality of devices across the network, giving a crystal-clear picture of which devices need urgent break-fix support and which are less critical
  • Automated, continuous discovery of network changes, moves, and additions, resulting in complete, real-time visibility and reporting
  • We will help you identify obsolete, potentially vulnerable EoL systems in need of upgrade or replacement

Does your organisation have the support coverage you need?

Most organisations over a certain size will need to outsource IT maintenance to some degree. However, when management are deliberating to which hardware cover and which levels of support are needed, it’s a common issue to significantly over-estimate the requirement. Service contracts and renewals are often drawn up on guesswork about infrastructure rather than solid data about connected network devices.

100% network view

complete security systems solution

As soon as a device connects to your network, Penta will detect it within moments; providing the exact amount of granular information about its place and function within the network. With accurate data to hand about each system’s usefulness, age, routing, and criticality, you can make informed decisions about levels of IT support cover required – without relying on mere guesswork.

Our software can help you assess which devices need critical, top priority support and which ones don’t. For example, there’s no point paying for top level, 4-hour turnaround support for an underused, noncritical switch or router.